Land Use

Our experience comes from owning some of the first and best land homesteaded in the West.  For over a hundred years, our ranches have weathered two world wars, the Great Depression and more recently the "Not So Great Depression."  While the livestock operations are slowly being phased out, the land is the same as it has been for thousands of years - pristine, beautiful and surrounded by thousands of acres which are pledged to never be developed. Wildlife herds continue to abound due to careful game management plans.  Its not unusual to wake up to find hundreds of deer grazing in the valleys below your cabin.  If you're patient and careful, it may be the first time you will see animals you've never seen before.

We're also happy to shepherd you through the process of acquiring water rights, wells, building permits, and even to build the cabin or lodge of your dreams - large or small - our mission is to make your owning of your new ranch property the best experience of your life!